This page is where you can find multiple forms, documents, manuals and guides.

Game Rules & Faction Rules
The rules for the game can be found here.

Trade Manuals
The following manuals can be printed, double sided, on parchment paper (not plain white paper!) and sewn or lashed together to make a portable trade manual.
Alchemy - Version 2.0
Bard - Version 1.0
----- Bard Effect Card (TBD)
Barkeep - Version 1.1
----- Barkeep Effect Card
Blacksmith - Version 1.2
Healer - Version 1.2
Herbalist - Version 1.2
Hunter - Version 1.0
Instructor - Version 1.0
Laborer - Version 1.0
Merchant - Version 1.0
Pickle Monger - Version 1.1
Prostitute - Version 1.0
Weaver - Version 1.2

Weapon Construction Guide
Here are some specifics for how to make Last Hope legal and safe weapons.
Last Hope - Weapon Construction Guide

Magic Spell Bag Tutorial
Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make cheap, safe, and game legal spell bags for Last Hope.
Spell Bag Tutorial

Skill and Magic Cheat Sheets
Mend Skill - Being revamped for Version 1.4
First Aid Skill - Being revamped for Version 1.4
Arcane Magic Spells Flowchart
Divine Magic Spells Flowchart
Armor Calculation System
Damage and Recovery System - Being revamped for Version 1.4

Player Contract & Waivers
Player Contract - 2015 Version
Liability Waiver
Parental Consent Form