To contact us or to be added to the mailing list, please email us at the following:

  • Direct concerns to Ryan:
  • Questions concerning plot, bio submissions, and other general Herald questions: Please include in the subject line your issue in all caps from the following categories: [PLOT], [BIO], [RULES], [PROBLEM], [MISC]

In addition, some players may have questions related to specific Heralds.
A Herald (pg 13, version 1.3.1) in Last Hope will wear a gold H belt flag, is part of the team that oversees the LARP, is responsible for different areas of the game, is a referee in-game and out-of-game in regards to rules questions and clarifications, and has have authority to makes rulings in regards to issues/concerns/rules arguments based on sound judgement and the betterment of the game.
A Staff Member (pg 13, version 1.3.1) in Last Hope will wear a small S belt flag, is part of the team that helps coordinate the larp, helps move/setup event set pieces and decorum, helps with registration and paperwork, helps create/edit game content, and monitors immersion and players. Can clarify rules as per a normal player, but is not there to enforce rules but instead coordinate concerns with a Herald.

Here are the Heralds and Staff, as well as their areas of concentration:

  • Ryan Jopp: Organizer and Administrator, Overall Head of the LARP, Web Content, Rules and Safety.
  • Mischelle Maas: Administrative Herald, Decorum and Garb, Player Contracts, Food.
  • Rebecca Maas: Administrative Herald, Registration, Character Skill/Profile Management, Project Management
  • Sadie Raab: Plot Herald, Biographies and Stories, World-Building, Tutorials, Wiki Management.
  • Matt Edwardson: Plot Herald, Faction Mechanics, Personal and Monster Plot.
  • Jeff Mork: Plot Herald, Event Plot, NPC Management, Rules Testing

  • Cole Potter: Administrative Staff, Event Running, Tutorials.
  • David Li: Administrative Staff: Registration, Rules and Safety.
  • Dustin Endres: Plot Staff, Personal Plot, Biographies and Stories.
  • Tyler Dubey: Plot Staff, Biographies and Stories, World-Building.
  • Kelly Pelot: Admin Staff, Conventions, Marketing, Project Management

To submit content to the Last Hope live action role play, please email a description of your content, attach it and send it to the aforementioned email address! Once received, our team of heralds will review and work on your content and reply back to you.

Our Facebook group is very active! We post event information there, as well as chat among ourselves about the game and anything else we like! Request to join here!

This is our main website where you can find a basic description of the world and the game we play. The rulebook may be found here, as well as event information and sponsor info!

We also have a forum, where event info is also posted. We have a buy/trade section, as well as a section where you can comment and vote on new rules as they are developed!